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[exo] 细水长流。

title: 细水长流。

pairing: sehun/luhan, slight! sehun/yixing

rating: pg-13

genre: romance

summary: sehun and luhan take their time falling in love with each other.

a/n: written for oppa bluedveins ;u; im sorry tho this is like a jumble of english and chinese and korean :c but i hope i don't disappoint
inspired by 细水长流 by 梁文福 c: childhood AUs are the best (´∀`) partly inspired by 那些年 by 胡夏!

edit: translations and notes here!
i would add translations in but unfortunately, after i tried, it was too long :/ sorry :c

[spring, year 1990 - march]

sehun pushes his way through the crowd, curious as to the source of the cheering. reaching up to tap a taller kid on his shoulder, he asks politely, “对不起,可以让路吗?” the kid grumbles and gives way, albeit with a curious look to sehun.

sehun finds a petite boy being bullied by a gang of kids. the boy is crying softly (sehun still thinks he looks pretty, with his huge doe eyes and cute nose) as he hugs his lunch box to his chest tightly. the leader of the gang towers over him easily.

he doesn’t know why, but sehun finds an urge in him to march right up to the bullies and tell them to leave the boy alone. so he does just that.

“为什么你们要他哭?他- 那是他的东西,你为什么要抢?” sehun says bravely (his korean accent comes out in his stuttered mandarin). the tall kid looks down at him in disdain before snorting a second later. the rest of his gang laughs raucously.

“你是韩国人,有什么资格跟我们中国人讲话?” sehun flushes. the rest of the crowd laughs at him.

“我- 我为什么不能跟你们讲话?别再弄他哭了!”

“臭小子,那么大胆?你要我揍你- ” the bully is cut off when a teacher approaches the crowd.

“发生什么事?” the teacher yells loudly, effectively dispersing the crowd and causing the gang to flee. sehun looks at the petite boy, and smiles shyly.

he waits for a moment. then, the boy smiles back.


“你的名字是什么?” the boy asks, unwrapping his sandwich. sehun takes it as a cue that he can open his own lunch box as well.

“我叫吴世勋- ” sehun trips over his name at this point, and the boy chuckles; “可是因为我是从韩国, 所以那不是我的真名。” he blushes because it is his longest mandarin sentence by far without any mistakes (he hopes).


sehun hesitates. “오세훈 (oh sehun),” he enunciates, pronouncing se very carefully.

the boy considers this for a moment. “세훈。” he pauses. “我的名字是鹿晗。”

“鹿晗,” sehun repeats carefully. the words melt into his tongue easily (like he had known it all his life).

luhan beams. “可是,我不会说你的名字。我可以叫你世勋吗?”

sehun nods. a second later, they realise that luhan has just asked whether he could call his name in chinese.

their laughter resonates in the emptiness of the playground. (everything is funny when you’re at the age of eight, really.)

and so, sehun made his first new friend in china.


“世勋,你还没有告诉我你的爸爸和妈妈为什么要送你来中国,” luhan muses as they do their 习字 for the day. sehun stiffens in the middle of his writing.

luhan keeps quiet.

it is at night, when luhan and sehun are cuddled up on luhan’s bed that sehun finally breaks down.

he tells luhan about his parentage - his korean father and chinese mother; how his mother died when he was 5; how his father decided to move him from korea to china “to be acquainted with his roots”; and how he misses his parents, even though his chinese grandparents are pretty good grandparents, too.

a moment passes.

and all too quickly, sehun is gathered into luhan’s tiny arms, crying and soaking luhan’s pororo pyjamas in his tears - “鹿晗,我不明白。我的-我的 아빠 (dad; appa) 是不是不要我了吗?他不爱我了吗?”

luhan doesn’t say anything, but opts to pat sehun on his shoulder until sehun stops crying.

later, he tells sehun, “世勋,如果你的아빠不要你,你可以跟我来住。我要你。” sehun blushes.

(he doesn’t say it, but he thinks the way luhan tries to learn korean words is cute.)


无意之中 你将心愿透露

就在你生日的时候 我将小小口琴送


[spring, year 1994 - april]

“鹿晗,你的梦想是什么?” sehun asks one day, as they swing their legs back and forth lazily on the tire swings. luhan puffs out his cheeks to think for a while.

“我要当一个歌手!” luhan exclaims happily.

“那么,你呢?” he looks at sehun with an annoyingly adorable face.

“我要......我不知道,” sehun admits, slumping his shoulders. luhan pats him sympathetically.

sehun doesn’t know what his dream is. but for now, this will do.

{ he doesn’t realise it but his dream is right before him }

“生日快乐,鹿晗!” sehun presents his gift to luhan proudly. luhan chuckles at his poor present wrapping skills, but accepts the gift anyway.

“打开礼物!!” sehun jumps up and down excitedly. “我可是花了很多心思哦。”

luhan finds a toy microphone in sehun’s present and a brilliant smile spreads across his face.


he engulfs sehun in a tight embrace. “谢谢你,世勋。”

sehun blushes.

they spend the rest of luhan’s birthday using the toy microphone to belt out chinese hits they can’t remember all the lyrics to. somehow, sehun accidentally mixes in a bit of korean, but luhan thinks it’s cute.

{ i will count all the stars for you if it makes you happy }

[summer, year 1997 - june]

“世勋,” luhan calls out gently during sehun’s break time. he looks up to find luhan with two cups of bubble tea in his hands, and smiles before accepting the bubble tea gratefully.

“记得不要过度勉强你的身体,不然你会病倒!还有,别把冷气开得太大!喝多多水-” luhan is interrupted by sehun patting his back.

“小鹿,别担心我了!回家睡觉吧!” sehun laughs, but stops when luhan pouts at him, sad eyes growing wider.

he groans and buries his head in his arms, before nodding his head in resignation.

luhan beams and finally leaves the studio.

sehun’s friend and dance partner, yixing, gives him a shit-eating grin.

“你不会敢-” too late; he’s already opened his mouth.

“whipped,” yixing whispers in his changsha accent. sehun face palms.

perhaps introducing him to yifan was a bad idea. he should have known that yifan would teach him english.

that little shit.

(sehun makes sure to choose an especially ridiculous song for yixing to dance to. yixing glares for the rest of the session.)

[autumn, year 1998 - november]

“世勋!跟我一起去看电影,” luhan bursts into sehun’s house, brandishing two tickets. sehun barely looks up from his studying as he replies, “可是,明年有高考,我在温习功课。我不能出去玩,你去叫艺兴哥吧。”

luhan furrows his brows. “可是,你昨天已经温习过了。今天,你应该休息!对了,你要出去放松!跟我走吧!” he promptly proceeds to drag sehun’s butt off the floor and out of the house, but not before he unceremoniously shouts to sehun’s grandmother that he was kidnapping sehun for the day.

sehun feels a slight twinge of irritation in him, but looking at luhan’s smile seems to erase all hard feelings.

{ i can’t seem to say no to you }

it turns out that luhan has gotten them tickets to mulan (“我要练习我的英文,” luhan insists, but sehun thinks he just wants to feel posh watching the english version of the movie without mandarin dubs.)

the show starts just as they rush into the theatre, popcorn spilling onto their shirts and jackets.

somewhere along the way, sehun stops watching the movie and instead turns to watching luhan. he watches when luhan cries (he offers his share of popcorn to luhan so luhan can shove the popcorn into his mouth to stop himself from crying); he watches when luhan releases peals of crazy laughter (it was a good thing that the theatre was empty save for them; luhan kept repeating “dishonour on you! dishonour on your cow!” which would have pretty much gotten them kicked out); and he watches when the movie finally ends and a smiling luhan turns to sehun to pick the popcorn off his jacket.

and somewhere along the way, sehun thinks he might have fallen in love.

{ 사랑해; i love you }

[winter, year 1999 - january]

winters in china are really, really cold, sehun realises when he steps out of the house and forgets to bring his jacket.

they’re also cold without luhan. sehun relies on fireplaces and warm blankets to keep himself from freezing. but with luhan, he just needs to curl up with him and everything’s alright, really.

“你当我的朋友只是想要偷走我身体发出来的温暖,对吧?” luhan complains as sehun presses his cold fingertips to luhan’s arms. sehun responds with a laugh, and proceeds to poke luhan everywhere with jabs of cold (it becomes a tickling war.)

no, sehun doesn’t want luhan for his body heat. he just wants luhan, that’s all.

[summer, year 1999 - july]

the results of the 高考 are out. sehun stares at his results slip disbelievingly. luhan hops over to sehun, and peers at his slip curiously.

then he proceeds to scream, because both of them are offered a scholarship to any university of their choice.

(they got kicked out of the hall for being too noisy.)


“世勋,你想要去那儿个大学?” luhan asks quietly.

“我不懂,” sehun muses. “可是我很想回去서울 (seoul),在서울대학교 (seoul national university) 读书。我好想念我的祖国。”

and in that moment, luhan decides that he will go to seoul national university as well.

(he will learn the korean language for sehun.)

{ 带我到会有你的地方  永远都在一起走 }

[winter, year 2002 - december]

“吴世勋,你打算几时才鼓起你的勇气告诉鹿晗你对他的感情?” yixing asks sehun over skype, rolling his eyes. it’s been four years and sehun still hasn’t confessed to luhan.

“我不懂,好不好?别再问了。我头很痛。” sehun presses his cold fingertips to his temple. no luhan to warm them up today.

yixing snickers and leans forward into the camera.

“whipped,” he grins. sehun flips him the finger and exits skype altogether.

then he frowns. “that doesn’t even apply to the situation.”

sehun later concludes that yixing is stupid.


sehun watches with jealousy as luhan laughs at a joke that his date made. probably some lame ass pun to impress him, sehun thinks darkly.

he stalks them all day long, hiding behind trees and putting his sunglasses on despite the fact that there is practically no sun at all. people stare at him weirdly, but it’s what he calls the fine art of observation.

but the last straw comes when the guy leans into luhan’s direction and invades his personal space.

“stop!!” sehun screams. the guy jumps backwards, a terrified look on his face. sehun is positively fuming and there is nothing nice about his angry face.

“i-i’ll be out of here first,” luhan’s date (ex-date? whatever) whispers not-so-discreetly before fleeing. ha, coward.

luhan turns to face sehun and launches into an angry tirade. “你干吗要把他吓走?你为什么在跟踪我?你知不知道这是很幼稚的行动吗?”

sehun feels himself crumble to pieces at the last sentence-


and he snaps.

“对啊!我就是幼稚!我很幼稚,因为我从四年前都已经爱上你了,可是到现在还是不敢告诉你!我跟踪你,因为我不想失去你!我就是害怕,我就是幼稚!你满意了吗?” sehun screams.

luhan’s eyes are wide with fear. sehun has never shown this side of him before.

“既然你认为我很幼稚,不应该与你在来往,那好吧。好吧!我现在就搬出去,我会找个可以接受我幼稚性格的人。” sehun’s eyes are cold as he storms away.

it starts to rain.

raindrops soak luhan’s hair and clothes, but it doesn’t really matter to him at this point in time any more.

sehun matters more.


luhan bursts into their shared flat, only to see sehun packing up.

“世勋,” he pants. sehun doesn’t look up.

“世勋!” his hand twitches.

luhan shuts his eyes tightly. “世勋,我爱你。”

and in that moment, sehun’s lips are on luhan’s, and their arms wound around each other tightly;

as if they were all they had.


that night, they share a bed. no words are exchanged.

sehun is about to fall asleep, when he hears luhan’s quiet whisper.

“세훈-아, 사랑해。(sehun-ah, i love you.)

he waits until luhan is fast asleep, before he presses his lips to his ear and breathes lightly.


it’s taken them 12 years to do it, but they’re here now. it’s all that matters.

{ 你是我的一切 }


a/n: so that's it lmao idk how many words of general idiocy and selu fluff ok i love u shermaine uwu

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