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[exo] kiss goodbye.

★ sehun/luhan

★ drabble

★ romance, friendship

★ g

★ for jenna (@koreansorz) because farewell gift!! all the best bb ♥♥♥ i hope you like it!

★ based on this

kiss goodbye

{ 这一幕多么熟悉 }

{ this scene is too familiar }

on the trip to the airport, the members let sehun have his own way. they give sehun the seat next to luhan instead of nudging minseok after luhan. there’s a small, satisfied smile on sehun’s face when he climbs in and settles himself in his seat, before turning to luhan and beaming. luhan beams back.

they spend the ride doodling on a notepad they always share on car trips. sehun never fails to doodle a deer first. luhan never fails to indulge sehun by playing a game of “guess who the deer is”, even though the answer is always him.

(sometimes, he’ll ask sehun “what’s that?” instead of the usual “who’s that?”, because sehun’s drawing skills are terrible. sehun only blushes and bats him furiously.)

{ 紧握着你的手彼此都舍不得分离 }

{ tightly clutching your hand, neither of us willing to let go }

they arrive at the airport, and the mood becomes sombre. sehun clutches luhan’s hand and doesn’t let go.

the fans surround them, screaming and snapping away furiously with their cameras. sehun remains stone-faced throughout the walk to the departure hall; he glances down at luhan occasionally so he can have fresh memories of him when he’s in china. luhan doesn’t notice a thing.

{ 每一次想开口 }

{ wanting to speak each time }

{ 但不如保持安静 }

{ but i’d rather remain silent }

the members sit down in their specially designated waiting room. they’ve got half an hour to wait out before exo-m needs to leave for their flight.

joonmyun sits with kris and watches all of the members. baekhyun and chanyeol are busy playing with jongdae and minseok’s cheeks (they sit there, resigned to their fate as their faces are pinched and pulled around in all directions). in the mean time, jongin and kyungsoo have staring competitions with yixing and zitao (kyungsoo and zitao win).

sehun and luhan sit in the corner. they’ve made up their own code during their late night talks.

luhan squints at sehun’s message. “okay, um, i can’t decipher this,” luhan announces.

sehun laughs, and chucks their decoder at luhan.

(they don’t talk about the separation at all.)

{ 给我一分钟专心     好好欣赏你的美 }

{ so give me a minute to appreciate your beauty }

{ 幸福搭配悲伤     痛是在我心交叉 }

{ happiness and sorrow fit together; the pain overlaps in my heart }

they’ve only got five minutes left before the managers come in and rush exo-m to their flight.

“i’ll miss you,” sehun whispers to luhan. luhan pokes sehun’s nose, a sad smile on his face.

“me too.”

“will you call me at night? i’ll watch all your performances, you know.”

luhan gives sehun a teasing nudge. “maybe, maybe not,” he sing-songs into sehun’s ear. sehun turns away from him and sports his best stink face.

“i’m just kidding!”

{ 挫折的眼泪不能测试爱的重量 }

{ the tears of frustration cannot measure the weight of love }

one minute left to departure.

they don’t say a word to each other, because all the words go into the tears being held back.

{ 付出的爱收不回     还欠你的我不能给 }

{ i can’t withdraw all the love i gave you; i can’t give you all the love i owe you }

{ 别把我心也带走     去跟随~ }

{ please don’t take my heart along to follow you }

“but i don’t want you to go,” sehun breathes into luhan’s ear. luhan buries his head in sehun’s chest.

because you’re gonna leave with my heart again, and i don’t think i can make it.

{ 每一次和你分开     深深的被你打败 }

{ every time i’m separated from you, i feel defeated }

{ 每一次放弃你的温柔 痛苦 难以释怀 }

{ every time i’m forced to give up your warmth, the pain is indescribable }

“exo-m, it’s time to leave.”

sehun walks luhan all the way to the departure gates. this is where they part.

“promise me you’ll call. promise me you’ll text me good morning and goodnight. promise me you won’t forget me,” sehun looks at luhan seriously.

luhan pats his head. “why would i break any of those promises if i loved you?”

sehun’s lips quirk up into a smile.

{ 每一次和你分开     每一次 kiss you goodbye }

{ every time i’m forced to separate from you; every time i kiss you goodbye }

“bye, hyung,” sehun whispers silently. he lifts his fingers and touches the spot where luhan kissed him.

his shirt is warm from where luhan hugged him.

{ 爱情的滋味此刻我终于最明白 }

{ i finally understand what love feels like }

“guys, let’s play one of our old songs!” joonmyun exclaims as they clamber into the car.

the other members laugh and jab each other in the ribs as they argue over which song to play. eventually, chanyeol wins.

“what is love” begins playing on the music player.

in the corner, sehun stares out into the sky silently. the car feels empty without luhan.

(sehun thinks he’s finally defined love.)


a/n:i bet u guys are like "she finally wrote something other than angst" sIGHS WHAT TO SAY

Tags: drabble, exo, friendship, romance, selu
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